Black Cherry

We are programmed to believe that impulse purchases are bad. That pack of gum, nail polish or magazine adds up to millions over the years and could have gone into a bank account and raised your net worth. I DON’T BUY IT. Sure, I’ve purchased something on impulse that I ended up losing moments after leaving the store or simply forgot about shortly after but there are those rare times that impulse purchases became one of the best decisions I’ve made at the checkout line.

Well, that time happened recently in the form of a tube of Milani lipstick. I’ve been riding the matte lip trend for several months now, so I surprised myself when I picked it up. Not only was it a darker berry shade but also a glossy formula. I’d typically shy away from such a combination, but the color was so beautiful I had to own it.

I decided to wear it with an otherwise boring grey outfit to add a bit of glamour on a casual Friday and fell in love. It drew just the right amount of attention to my lips and didn’t smear everywhere despite the creamy texture. I paired it with MAC Nightmoth lip liner which worked very well. I’m thinking I may purchase more Milani lip products! Have you tried any of them?


14 Replies to “Black Cherry”

  1. This colour is gorgeous! I’ve tried to Milani baked blush and their lip liner and love both. They remind me of amazing dupes for high end products and they are such good quality considering its a drugstore brand! xo J


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