Oh do I love New Years Eve and New Years Day.

Anything that involves champagne and glitter already ignites everything that makes me happy inside, and the thought of being able to start fresh in any capacity is freeing and relieving. One thing I really like to do is to really take a look at the past year and identify what changes I would make, how proud I am of myself and what steps I need to move forward with my life in a positive and loving direction.

After I’ve taken a look at where I’ve been, I move forward and make a resolution. Last year, I vowed to drink more water and I did actually stick to it! I started to keep a water bottle on my desk and chug away throughout the day and now, I can’t work without it. This year, I’m making a vow to do more activity. I’m not talking about going to the gym (although I could work that in a little more than I have been) but I want to go out and experience activities at least once a month. Activities that I wouldn’t ordinarily do. I’d also like to go out more during the week since I usually reserve socializing for the weekends.

I’m wishing you all a very happy new year, and I look forward to seeing what changes you will make.



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