The Rules of Red Lipstick

Tis the season for endless holiday parties and time with your family and friends. I don’t know about you, but this time of year I tend to wear a lot of red lipstick. There’s something about a bold red lip that amps up the holidays for me. I’ve already shared my favorite reds in older posts, (but they are here and here for those that are new!) so this post is going to be about rules I abide by when wearing red lipstick so that I can look and feel as fierce as I did when I swiped it on.

1. Be aware: When wearing red lipstick, it’s important  to be aware that it’s on. After lunch, don’t rub a napkin across your mouth, don’t touch your mouth throughout the day and be sure to lick your teeth ever so often to ensure your lipstick stays put and doesn’t venture over to your teeth.

2. Choose a matte formula: To minimize smearing and spreading, I prefer a matte formula over a glossy one. Not only does it allow your lipstick to stay in place, it also retains it’s hue for a lot longer.

3. Line your lips: Lining your lips is key because you want the shape of your lips  to look perfect. A red lip brings puts your pout at attention and liner will ensure that your lips look pronounced.

4. Drink from the same spot: One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing glasses with lipstick stains all around the rim. Pick one spot and stick to that same spot so that there’s one defined lip print.

5. Reapply: Nobody wants to be the woman with the fading red lips. You want to be the woman with the red lips, period. Even with matte shades, it’s normal to have to reapply at least once per day. Bring your liner and lipstick with you so that you are able to touch up.


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