New Brow Routine

I’ve had several ways of doing my brows over the past few years. For a long time, I would wet an angled brush and dip it into a dark brown MAC eye shadow (the name wore off and I didn’t know what it was). It was a fool proof way for me to have perfect brows and that shadow took FOREVER to run out.

Because it took so long, I was actually quite stumped as to what to do when I had no powder left. On a trip to Cancun earlier this year, I tried to purchase the same shadow without knowing the name, and in true retail fashion a MAC artist was asking me if I needed help the moment I began swatching. I don’t handle confrontation too well, so I went ahead and told the artist what I was looking for. He immediately pulled a rich brown shadow and filled in my brows. While I liked his technique, the shadow was a lighter shade of brown than I was used to…and I hated it.

This artist convinced me that this was the right shade for me, so I walked out with it never being able to create the brows that had never failed me for years. Since I wasn’t able to find the right shade, I went ahead and started using a brow pencil that I really liked, but to be honest, I didn’t really master drawing my brows on perfectly. One would always be larger than the other or longer than the other.

I finally broke down and purchased a jar of Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Brow Pomade in the shade Ebony. Although the color looks brown on the website, the color is actually a deep blackish/brown that works perfectly.  The suggested angled brush/spoolie is sold separately, and since I already own both, I skipped out on that.

I really like the product a lot. Since the product is already a pomade-type formula, there’s no need to wet my brush. I do feel the need to do a bit of clean up with concealer if I go outside the lines, but the same can be said for almost any brow product. I also noticed that a slight tap of the brush gives enough product to do one brow so this should last a lifetime… just like my original powder.



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