Where the Hell I’ve Been

I try really hard not to apologize for not blogging, but since I took such a long hiatus I feel it’s necessary. Most of my readers are bloggers themselves and can co-sign that blogging consistently is a full time job! I fell into a rut where I wasn’t feeling very inspired, or very happy with myself and my look. I will admit, I am still battling with loving myself these days, but when I logged back into my WordPress site and saw that I hadn’t posted in almost two months, I was super disappointed in myself. Blogging is something that I love to do and with all the inspiring photos I have in my phone, there should have been several posts for you all to read.

With that said, my goals going forward are to write about whatever I’m feeling, even if it’s not that great and to not leave you all hanging for months on end! So while I work on new material, here’s a few items that have inspired me around the web lately.

1. Thoughts on Creativity – A Beautiful Mess

2. A Go To for Bad Hair Days – HM

3. Netflix and SkinCare? Sign me Up – Goop

4. New Emojis – Allure

5. A Sheet Mask I’m Dying to Try – Tatcha

6. DIY Gifts That You Can Actually Make – Huffington Post

7. A Dress that I MUST Own – The Line by K

8. New Online Boutique Alert! – JLux

9. Now We Can All Fade – Self

10. Let’s all go Pescetarian! – Huffington Post




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