Back to Basics: Skincare

Lately I’ve been taking a closer look at my skin and formulating a new plan for it. Being a beauty junkie, I try a lot of skincare products and have been mixing up my cleansers on any given day. I’ve noticed that my skin texture isn’t very smooth and I depend on primers to fill in larger pores. I took a look at women around me (mostly at work) and asked them about their skincare routines. Almost all of them said that they have been using the same skincare products forever. Thinking back, I remember using Noxzema throughout my teen years and somehow fell off when I was able to afford other cleansers. It worked well, so I’m wondering why I stopped using it.

I saw Noxzema at CVS advertised 2 for 1 and snatched it up. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and although I’ve only noticed subtle changes, I’m loving the fact that I don’t have to worry about what cleanser to use and how it will affect my skin. I forgot that the texture is creamy, so I have a natural instinct to want to wash my face before I use it to remove makeup and my day moisturizer. I’m loving the smell it’s infused with eucalyptus and is super refreshing. I also love that it gives me that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling.

I’ll continue to report on how my skin is doing, but I’m curious do you all use the same skincare products? How does it affect your skin?


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