Kylie Lip Kit Review

So…. I did it. I broke down and purchased a Kylie Lip Kit. I had been putting this off for a variety of reasons. On the one hand I have such an appreciation for artists that have been in the industry for a long time and after perfecting their craft are now making products that the idea that Kylie got lip injections and became a cosmetic mogul (in what seems like overnight) was something I didn’t want to support. I also have the cheap disease and didn’t want to pay so much for something that I didn’t get to swatch in the store.

But after many sold out lip kits, I finally made the decision to order one and as luck would have it, I’m glad I did. I’ve only worn it once as I type this, but the first day wearing was amazing. I decided to purchase the shade “Exposed” because it seemed like a nude that I would end up wearing all the time. I put it on at around 2pm to start my afternoon, and took a selfie. I felt like my lips looked more voluminous instantly, but that could have been my mind playing tricks on me. I then went out to run errands, have lunch…and dinner with family. This lipstick stayed on the entire time! I didn’t need to touch it up or anything. I also noticed that my lips didn’t feel extremely dry which is a common issue that I have with matte liquid lipsticks.

I’m still testing this out and have many more places to wear it, but so far I would say it’s worth the investment.

Have you tried any other shades? How do you like the lip kits?



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