It’s that time again! I often speak about products that I’m currently trying and using, but I want to highlight products that I’ve depleted since I feel like most of the things I use last a very long time!

1. Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Solution – I received this in a beauty box, and started using it every day.  I wash my face at night and when I wake up, I used to run a remover wipe over my face to take off any dirt that may have come from my pillows. Using micellar water in place of the wipes proved to be a more effective option. This formula removed lingering mascara and dirt easily! Seeing the dirt in the morning made me realize that my skin wasn’t so clean before I applied makeup.

2.  Softee Coconut Oil Hair & Scalp Conditioner – Although there are a ton of fancy shmancy oils and serums to keep my frizzy edges under control, nothing works better than a bit of this coconut oil or grease as I would call it, and a hot tool. I love the way it coats my strands before applying heat. It adds shine and lays every hair down. The smell is also divine!  I don’t apply this to my entire head of hair, but it works beat on my edges or the perimeter of my head.

3. Natural Oasis Herbal Styling Oil – I’ve written about this hair oil before, and I won’t stop preaching until you all have tried it. It’s by far my favorite hair oil. 100% natural and a little goes such a long way! I apply it to dry ends, and all over my hair and scalp after blow drying. A pea sized amount warmed between the palms is all you need! Full disclosure, it works best on coarse textured hair. If your hair is more on the fine side, it may weigh your hair down.

4. MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ – We all know how good this stuff is. No explanation needed. Finishes a full face of makeup, and equally as good on a bare face. A must for your makeup bag.

5. Neutrogena Hydrating Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes – I tried these for the first time because I had heard such good things about Neutrogena wipes. I must say, they worked wonders at removing my foundation and eyeshadow, but I would have to follow up with eye makeup remover after using these. They weren’t that great at removing mascara.


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