Summer Braids

I have Summer dreams during the colder months. Summer is one of those things that always seems ideal in my eyes.  I’m thinking pool days, warm nights, sunglasses and sandals. Ice cream, BBQs, outdoor restaurant dining and music festivals.

I rarely think about some of the downers which include insects, scalding steering wheel, sweat (hello 30s!) and my hair. I live in an area that is extremely humid and keeping my flyaways at bay is damn near impossible. Wearing extensions helps, but there are still several coarse hairs that are determined to show themselves.

I’m leaning toward trying box braids to ride out the Summer. The last time I had box braids was about three years ago when I took a trip to Mexico. I wanted to be able to enjoy myself and not worry about my hair. I left them in for about 2 months and although I had a little breakage around my hairline, I was overall pleased with the ease of it.

I found some photos online that gave me total inspiration.


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