The Many Wonders of Epsom Salt

This past Wednesday I did something I rarely do. I randomly deep cleaned a neglected area in the house. Right off of my kitchen is a den where I have a loveseat, breakfast high table and a small area enclosed by sliding double doors that house the washing machine/dryer/home improvement products/dog food, etc. That laundry closet was full of dust and dog kibble that had dropped over the past year. I decided to pull out everything and render it spotless.

While removing a lot of items that I haven’t seen or touched in forever, I noticed a bag of Epsom Salt. I don’t remember it ever being there, and I wondered what I may be able to do with it. I’ve always thought of Epsom Salt as an addition to a hot bath for sore muscles, but after some research I realized that there are a lot more uses for these wonder crystals.

Here are a few I’ll be trying:

1. Bath Soak: Although I know that people use Epsom Salt for this, I’ve never tried it myself. A cup full will ease soreness, soften skin and has detoxifying effects.

2. Exfoliator: Since these huge chunks don’t dissolve easily adding your favorite essential oil (or olive oil) would make a nice scrub for hands/feet and even your face!

3. Stain Scrubber: I’m notorious for getting foundation all over my clothes (a post will come soon about how others avoid this) so I’m often having to scrub out stains on my favorite clothes. Adding soap to a teaspoon of Epsom Salt makes for a wonderful stain remover. Use a toothbrush to grind out stubborn stains.

4. Clean the Pipes!: Adding Epsom Salt to warm water is a natural laxative! To reduce bloat or help move things along, I may give this a shot as well.

5. Bruise Removal: I don’t know about anyone else but I get random bruises on my legs. I’ll see one sometimes and have no recollection of how it got there. Odd! Using Epsom Salt and a cold compress will help reduce the appearance of bruises.

Do you have any other uses for Epsom Salt? Also, I didn’t see an expiration date on it and it’s been in that closet for at least a year! I’m wondering if it expires……….


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