Fire & Ice

It’s the end of the month and I’m currently in full on recovery mode. I recently returned from a week in Cancun for a bit of R&R and prior, I had a busy work month which included a bit of domestic travel here in the states.

Although Cancun was absolutely lovely (outside of my hair resembling a matted poodle) the sun left me 90% bronzed and 10% burned. I hadn’t been to Mexico in a couple of years, but during the last visit I was able to slather on sunscreen and stay protected. This time, I missed a certain spot and suffered sunburn that left a birthmark like scar right between my lady lumps.

Once returning home I scoured my bathroom for any type of healing ointment that could help take the scarring away. I’ve been using SkinClinical Extreme Healing Repair Concentrate  and a good old fashion Cocoa Butter stick to try and heal my skin and restore its tone. I’m open to any suggestions you all may have about reversing sun damage : )

I’ve also been tapping into new ways to relax and find my center and discovered an amazing app called Calm. It teaches newbies how to meditate and sets up fun challenges. I’ve been doing it every morning for the past three days and while I am still working on not letting my mind drift, it’s a great way to start my day.


I hope you all have been well during my time away!



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