Weekend Reading

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted some links around the net that have sparked my interest. I hope you all have had a fabulous week and have many good times in store for the weekend!

1. Kelly Rowland is breaking into the beauty industry with a new makeup lineHuffington Post

2. Some friends of mine started a lifestyle blog, and it’s fabulous.The L Squared

3.  How you should cut your hair based on where you live (Apparently I should live in Dallas)Byrdie

4. A French’s girls guide to the chicest hotels around the worldVogue

5. A new take on a swimsuit that I wish I could affordAsos

6. Ink in Water art that totally inspires me – Honestly WTF

7. A Spanish makeup artist on American beauty risks – The Cut

8. Spice Girls Reunion Tour?!?!Elle

9. Beauty tool or torture device? I actually use the straightening comb to this day! – Refinery 29

10. Carrie Bradshaw’s hair ranked by look  – Allure



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