Um, No.

As much as I love telling you all how amazing products are that I try, I have just as much joy sharing feedback on products that I didn’t love so much. It’s been a while since I’ve given any negative feedback, so I’ve rounded up a few items that didn’t work well for me.

1. Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation: I got this foundation at Nordstrom Rack and I was blown away by the low price tag. On the Too Faced website it sells at the sale price of $32.40 USD. At Rack, I paid $12.00 USD.

At first, I was so pumped about being able to try a Too Faced foundation at a discounted rate and I really liked the coverage it gave. I slowly realized why this product was filtered into discount stores. Although it covers and blends well, this foundation smears EVERYWHERE. Even when I set it with a powder, it didn’t last throughout the day without getting everywhere and melting off of my face. Unless you have extremely dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend this.

2. Almay One Coat Multi-Benefit Mascara: I purchased an Almay liquid eyeliner and received a small tube of this mascara as a sample. I haven’t tried many Almay products since they seem to be marketed to the customer that prefers a more natural look. Even after several coats, I was unable to get that full lash look that I love so much. I’ve been boycotting falsies lately, so I need a mascara that will give me tons of volume. This one doesn’t make the cut.

3. Orogold 24k Hand Cream: I had high hopes for this hand cream since I’ve tried Orogold face moisturizers in the past and liked them. I brought this one to work in order to keep my hands soft after many washes throughout the day. In addition to the formula being heavily scented, the cream didn’t make my hands soft. I love it when I apply a hand cream and continue to wring my hands because they feel so soft. I didn’t get that.  Although my hands weren’t dry after using it, they weren’t supple either. I’d save my money here.

4. Acure Cell Stimulating Face Mask: Even though I just posted about how much I love this line a couple of days ago, this mask didn’t live up to my expectations. I fell so hard for the face scrub in this line, that I naturally thought the other products would be equally as amazing. I have combination oily skin, and this mask didn’t do anything to tighten my pores. I like to have heavy coverage with a mask and this one goes on very light. Even when I added more product, I could still see my skin through the mask. After leaving it on for about 10 minutes and rinsing with warm water, I didn’t feel anything. Not refreshed, not tighter, nothing.

5. Wet n Wild Wild Shine Clear Nail Protector: It seems that you can’t go wrong with a topcoat, but this one doesn’t perform very well. First off, the brush is very small and it doesn’t coat the entire (or at least 3/4) of the nail. When I apply topcoat, I don’t want to have to paint coat after coat. Also, it dries fast but not to the ultimate glossy shine that I prefer. I love the nail colors from Wet n Wild, but my advice would be to splurge a bit on a higher quality topcoat and leave this one where it lay.



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