New Brand I’m Loving: Acure

This is the perfect post to end the week. Fresh faced and feeling like I struck the “gold” of skincare. For the past few weeks, I replaced my usual Garnier Blackhead Eliminating Scrub, with a trial sized Acure Brightening Facial Scrub that I received in an Ipsy box. I used it every other day until I was unable to squeeze another drop from the tube. Instead of returning to the scrub that I’ve been loyal to for the past year despite giving others a test run occasionally I scoured the internet looking for more. It was that good.

The found that Birchbox sold a full size for $10 USD which was super affordable! I added it to my cart but never committed to purchasing it (does anyone else do that…like all the time?) I later found a deal through Ipsy offering the full sized scrub, mask and oil for $13! Amazing! I purchased them immediately!

For all that love their exfoliating experiences, this one is worth your time. The granules are mid sized so they really slough off dead skin, and the smell is very earthy. Once rinsed, I noticed a smoothness in my skin right away! I also love how the brand focuses on being good for the environment and skipping the harsh chemicals that dry and damage skin. Everything on the site is affordable, and from what I’ve tried, can battle any high end brand of skincare.

If you haven’t visited their site yet, check it out here.

Has anyone else tried their products? What do you recommend?


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