Weekly Reading

Oh the start of a new week! For some odd reason, I’m just in a funk today. I’m not wanting to be in the office, not wanting to really do anything that doesn’t involve my house. I wonder why? I had an amazing weekend and I even got my morning started early (which is no easy task for me.)

I had to take a look at some articles on the net that make me smile in order to try and turn this day around. I hope they make you smile too!

1. I’ve been loving the idea of tapestries instead of art lately. Much easier to hang and the designs are beautiful!     – Urban Outfitters

2. How women get clean all over the world – Refinery 29

3.  50 new tried and true drugstore products – Allure

4.  A modern take on the shower cap – Yahoo! Beauty

5. Why didn’t I think of that? Using multiple masks for target areas. – Huffington Post Beauty

6.  Beauty products that you can make in your kitchen – Real Simple

7.  A new foundation that I’m dying to try – Sephora

8. 5 Bold Beauty Looks from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week – People Style Watch

9. My dream California bungalow – Honestly WTF

10. My new go-to site for all things skincare. – Dermstore




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