High Shine

In my ongoing quest to maintain my natural hair and go weave free as long as I possibly can stand it, I’ve been trying a few new products in addition to my old faithfuls to keep my hair growing and healthy.

This past weekend I tried the Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse Gentle Clarifying Treatment that I received in a Glossybox. I’m no stranger to shining serums, but this one was interesting because it was one that is to be rinsed out after about 15 minutes. All others I’ve used are leave-ins and applied right before I blow dry.

I started by shampooing my hair with my usual Doo Grow Tingling Growth Shampoo and Garnier Sleek and Shine Anti-frizz Shampoo. I then conditioned with Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioning Cream (heavy stuff!) After rinsing and towel drying I applied this lemony serum from root to tip. It had a pleasant lemon scent and I used a wide toothed comb to distribute the product evenly.

After about 15 minutes, I rinsed my hair with cool water and did a full blow dry and flat iron. I always finish with using Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm which adds sheen, but I noticed a huge difference in how shiny my hair was this time around. I was so bummed that it turned out this good and I had nowhere to go!

After a couple of days the shine wore off, but I know to use this if I have an event to go to to or a fancy night out. I recommend it to anyone with any hair texture!


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