Once a month (or two) I try to take a full inventory of products that I have. It’s so easy for me to lose sight of the variety of my products especially when I focus on about 10 products that I use daily.  I finally made time to do that today. I grabbed products out of my trunk, piled on my sink and hidden in travel makeup bags. I dumped it all on the floor to take a closer look at what I have.

This may come as a surprise, but I don’t have as much makeup as I thought I did. I tossed anything that was expired and/or empty and got a better sense of what I’m using and what I may need to purchase going forward.

I realized that I have way more eye and lip liners than I use. I was able to uncover fun blues, golds and even a metallic silver eye liner. I’ve never used any of them. However, my brown and black liners where sharpened about 1/2 their original size.

I also saw that I have more mauve lipsticks than one woman should own. I realize that a lot of my beauty boxes dish out this color because it looks good on just about anyone, however 7 tubes is overkill. I tossed the 4 oldest ones.

I also found about 5 fragrances! I’m really not  a fragrance girl but when I do want to throw some on, I usually go for the one I see first. I saw that I actually have a few other bottles that I should whip out every now and then.

Once i swatched and smelled everything, I organized my trunk according to product type, and placed my top 10 in a travel bag on my sink. That way, I am able to remain organized and keep the products I use most very handy.

How often do you go through everything you have? I want to hear about your stash!



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