Loose Pigment

I’m not usually a fan of using  loose pigments because I have yet to really master how to apply them. I did purchase some from Mica beauty that I break out from time to time, but I get hives just thinking about opening the pot and having glitter fly everywhere.

I received all my beauty boxes for the month and when trying out looks for a casual party on Saturday night, I wanted to try using a small amount of pigment on my lids for added pizzaz. I was sent this MARSK Mineral Eyeshadow in my Ipsy bag and decided to give it a go with a new technique. The color is a beautiful brown with flecks of iridescent green. it kind of reminds me of a tropical fish or mermaid tail.

After applying my usual browns from my Lorac Pink Champagne palette (I’m slightly addicted) I wet a small flat brush and used that to pack the pigment on the center of my lid and lash line. I must admit I liked the bit of “pop” it added to my eyes since I didn’t wear falsies.

Are there any other techniques you all have for applying loose shadow? I’d love to hear them!

IMG_3380 (1)


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