My New Favorite Toy

The best gifts are the ones that change your life. It’s that one thing that you would not purchase for yourself, and then realize you can’t live without. Usually that happens with outerwear or jewelry, but for me it happened with a Korean face steamer that has elevated my at-home facial game.

I posted about my facial routine several weeks ago, and I’ve been doing a great job and keeping up with them weekly. This steamer has been a wonderful addition to that routine. The machine is easy to use and provides the perfect 10 minute steaming session.

After cleansing and exfoliating myskin, I pat dry and steam for 10 minutes. The steam is extremely relaxing and opens my pores. Afterwards, I immediately apply a pore tightening mask to my skin to  draw out any impurities while the pores are still open. I’ve already noticed how much more effective my mask is, and I actually look forward to using this every week!

I highly recommend this to anyone that is looking to take better of their skin without spending tons of cash on pricey spa services.

**For added luxury, place a couple drops of peppermint oil in the water for  refreshing steam!


3 Replies to “My New Favorite Toy”

  1. I’ve always wanted to try a facial steamer and I’m pleasantly surprised there’s a Korean model at a great price on Amazon! Thanks for the review, I added it to my wishlist 😀


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