2016 Color(s) of the Year

I get super excited about the Color of the Year that Pantone introduces. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pantone they embody all things color. For all that produce or design anything with color, Pantone ensures that the language is clear and concise. When they release the color of the year, not only do they explain why the color(s) will be of importance, but also what shades compliment them.

This is the first year that they are introducing two colors, and the story behind it is super interesting. The colors are Rose Quartz a soft pink shade and Serenity, a soft blue. It is believed that both shades exhibit peace, calm, order and fluidity. The color(s) of the year inspires fashion designers, chemists in the makeup and nail industry, and hairstylists around the world.

Although I don’t care much for pastel makeup or lipsticks, I do love the way pastel nail colors and clothing look on my deep skin, so I’m super inspired.

Check out the color pairings below. I’m so inspired by row 5!



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