5 Product Face – Holiday


It’s no secret that I’ve been loving this Colour Pop Liquid Lipstick in LAX. I’ve been wearing it every chance I get and although the formula is a tad drying, I can’t resist the color on me. It just fits!

Last Friday the company I work for hosted it’s annual holiday party, and I chose to don it for a festive look. Since I needed a look that would be good for day and transition into night, I decided to share what I used so that you can also create a 5 product face.

1. Too Faced Amazing Face Oil-Free Close Up Coverage Foundation: I purchased this foundation quite a while back at Nordstrom Rack. I was blown away at the price and then somehow forgot that I own it. I’ve been trying it out here and there, and the formula has light coverage and doesn’t make me too oily. I use two layers to even out my complexion.

2. Anasatsia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Ebony: Although there are millions of ways to achieve the perfect brow, this method always worked for me. I wet an angled brush and blot it on the back of my hand. I then dip the damp brush in a deep brown brow powder and trace the underside of my brow. I then use the brush to push the product up to the top of the brow. Sometimes, I re-dip in the powder to complete the fill in. I’ve been using an old MAC eyeshadow, but this duo from Anastasia Beverly Hills will do just fine. I don’t even know what the shadow color is anymore!

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette: I’m clearly on an ABH kick right now, but I’m continuing to try out this palette and loving it! I used the “Hot and Cold” shade on my lid and blended it into my crease. Just the one color really stood out! If you can’t resist a harsh crease, just use the “Hot Chocolate” shade to add definition.

4. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: I’ve said it once, twice a thousand times. This is the BEST mascara on the market right now. I put several coats on my top and bottom lashes.

5. Color Pop Ultra Matte Lipstick in LAX: Love, love, love this shade! I will say that this formula is almost impossible to remove without makeup remover and it does tend to dry and flake, but if you are willing to reapply throughout the night and receive as many compliments as I do wearing this lipstick, it’s well worth it! Also, it’s super affordable!


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