Weekly Reading


It’s been forever since I’ve shared some links of things I’ve loved hasn’t it? Well now the time has come for me to bring this back to life! I really miss writing these, and for whatever reason I fell off the face of the earth, I’ve encountered some pretty cool things worth sharing. Enjoy!

1. A blog that I just discovered (thanks to my wordpress reader!) and I’m addicted. These two sisters have the secret to making their lives a Pinterest board, and they aren’t stingy with the knowledge. I’m so grateful! – A Beautiful Mess

2. The last podcast I listened to was Serial, which took the world by storm. I’m now addicted to Women of the Hour by Lena Dunham who I wish was my best friend, next door neighbor or colleague. It’s a nice alternative to music during my morning commute. – iTunes

3. This article on how to wear your favorite winter sweater 5 ways is right on time because as the weather gets colder, I find myself wearing the same one every week – Refinery 29

4. The diversity of an Afro as demonstrated by a beautiful Ethiopian woman. – Self

5. A song that I’ve become obsessed with. – YouTube

6. Optimize your bedroom for better sleep…hell yes! – Huffington Post

7. 50 new drugstore products that Allure says we should try, and I trust them. – Allure

8. Affordable holiday decor makes me happy! – HM

9. How to stop a chatty Cathy from talking, and I admit I need to get better at stopping them. – Real Simple

10. A new skincare line that I’m DYING to try! – Urban Skin RX


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