Dream Collection: Adele


It’s no secret that the world has fallen in love with Adele all over again. With her new album “25” slated to drop at the end of the month, and her amazing single “hello” I’ve been seeing her all over the internet and admiring the hell out of her music and her look.

Adele is one of those striking women that gives me so much life and motivation. She knows her features and how to make them stand out, and she’s able to look effortlessly sexy. A collection with her as the muse would undoubtedly include killer lashes, strong eyeliner and bronzer that compliments the natural curve of the face.

  • NYX “The Curve” Liquid Eyeliner: There are endless options when it comes to black liner, but this one stays on the top of my list. The large structure makes it easy to handle and draw with, and the color is super pigmented. Use it to draw a thin line right at the base of the lash, and build a thicker line from there. I will say, be sure to ensure the cap is on tight because it will dry out!


  • KoKo Lashes in “Bella”: Nothing compliments Adele’s gorgeous almond eyes, like a full lash! I love the way she is able to switch between a mile long, spaced out lash and a full on bombshell butterfly lash. These KoKo lashes are perfect because they mix the two perfectly. Just be sure to tone down the eyeshadow because these lashes will take center stage.


  • Sephora Collection Retractable Brow Pencil: Full, defined brows have taken the lead in defining the face, and I’m so happy to see that they are staying. Use a retractable pencil (for the rounded edge) to create hair like strokes and fill in your brow completely. Be sure to keep the color deep at the wing of your brow and lighter at the base. Also! Be sure to brush your brows in place before and after filling in. Before to define the shape, and after to distribute the product evenly.


  • Viseart Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral Matte: Adele keeps her eye makeup pretty netural and does wonders with her blush, so this palette will tackle both. One of my favorite things about matte shadows is that they can double as blush or contour powder. Use the medium brown or gray shades to define your crease and the warmer shades to swipe under your cheekbones for a light contour.


  • The Balm Girls Lipstick in Foxxy Pout: Compliment your lips with a neutral but rich shade. This color looks good on a number of skin tones and has just as much pigment as it does conditioning agents. Swipe the color on the center of your lips and work it outward. Feel free to skip the liner for a more natural look.

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