Welcoming Fall


Well, hello! Up until this weekend, I refused to believe this year was winding down. I was stuck in my post-summer haze and backed away from my blog. I took some much needed time off to plan a killer 30th birthday party and focus on my home life. I’m now back and ready to kickoff my next season of posts.

It’s been getting chilly around here and I’ve been struggling with fall/winter woes that I almost always forget about until it’s that time of year again. Dry skin, hat hair and having to bypass pastel nail colors are becoming daily struggles. Also, as the days get shorter, I find myself wanting to snuggle on the couch more often. I tried to jolt myself out of it by attending a party last weekend using a nifty new app that you can read about here.

I broke out my Colour Pop LAX liquid lipstick for the occasion and….whoa! The color was amazing. It’s a dark cranberry/brown shade that clung so well to my lips I didn’t need liner. I paired it with a simple gold lid, winged liner and my natural lashes. I’m convinced that I must own every Colour pop liquid lipstick. The price point and quality amaze me!

How have you been adjusting to fall?


6 Replies to “Welcoming Fall”

  1. Oh my – that looks gorgeous! I own the colour pop lippie stix in ellarie (and did a review on it!) — I love the formula of their lipsticks!!


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