Gracefully Aging


When I’ve spoken to other women about how to modify my beauty routine going into my 30s, the first thing I heard from everyone was to start using anti-aging products. I have used and do use some products that promote anti-aging, but something in me believes that the only way to truly age gracefully involves what you put in your body over what you put on it. While I am making strides to eat and live a healthier lifestyle, I figured I may as well keep positive images around me that promote graceful aging.

I pulled some images from the net that really inspired me and thought about what type of older woman I’d like to be, if I’m lucky enough to live a full life. I’d want to retain my unique sense of style, use makeup to enhance my features and not cover them, be comfortable in my own skin and pass on wisdom that I’ve gained over the  years. I’d do my best not to cover my gray hair, and I continue to smile as much as possible.

I also need to practice telling my story. Every older woman can tell her story better than anyone : )



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