Product Review: Colour Pop Liquid Lipsticks


I’ve had a love affair with liquid lipsticks all Summer, and there are two brands that I was dying to try before Fall rolled in. One was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick that is all over the internet, and the other is Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipstick which has also received positive press. I’ve researched both, and after debating I decided to try Colour Pop first. The $6.00 price tag along was motivation enough to take a look at their site. Although most of their lip colors are on the bold side. These three looked amazing against darker skin according to the swatches they provided (which I fully appreciate.)

I decided to try three shades to start: Trap, LAX and Midi. When looking at the swatches they all seemed different, but when they arrived to my door I noticed that Trap and Midi are extremely close in shade. I’ve gravitated more toward the ‘Trap’ shade which is a slightly darker pinky beige than ‘Midi’.

The lip color applies wet and dries to a matte finish. I wore the color all day Friday and it stayed put really well! The photo above was taken today wearing ‘Trap’ again with no liner or anything in addition. The color looks more pinkish in the photo, but it has a nice brown undertone to it. I’ve included swatches below.

Overall, I would recommend these to anyone that wants to explore Liquid Lipstick especially for Fall and Winter. Their affordable and good quality! I’m thinking of trying the strobing kit next. Has anyone tried it?




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