Touch of Glitter


Last year, I went to Vegas for my bachelorette party and while shopping got bombarded by a representative of MICA beauty. He swatched glitter shadows and various skincare items on the back of my hand and after a wordy presentation of why their products are the best on the market, I walked away with three glittery eyeshadow pigments. I’ve never been one to use pigments, so once I got them home I struggled with how to incorporate them into looks.

I’m not completely comfortable with sporting a full lid of glitter (unless it’s New Years Eve) and for some reason my eyelids won’t cooperate withΒ  loose glitter staying put, even with primer. I decided to give this pigment another try to add dimension to the brown lid look I’ve been rocking lately.

I used my Jelly Pong Pong pencil again to fill in my lid and blended the color out with a MAC #217 brush. I then used a dab of lip gloss on the center of my lid to act as an adhesive for the glitter. It really worked! I placed a bit of pigment right in the center for definition using my finger, and surprisingly it stayed put, even hours later.

I may have to break these out more often! How do you feel about loose glitter?



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