Weekday Reading

I’m rounding out the end of my “baecation” which is basically taking a couple of days off work to spend some much needed time tending to my home and my bae. It started last Friday, so I haven’t had anything to give to the world (including blog posts.) I’m now refreshed, my closet is organized and my makeup brushes are clean. I’ve relished in small moments all weekend that made me happy and I’m ready to spread that throughout the week. I plan on spending the rest of the day tackling more of my August book and also planning my fall shopping list. I hope you all are also taking time to appreciate the little things and I encourage you to check out these inspiring links in the meantime!

1. I’m loving everything about this little clutch. – Zara

2. When high end fashion meets an afro…I’m SOLD. – Honestly WTF

3. What one photographer calls “The most beautiful genetic mutation” – Huffington Post

4. An explanation for why we have random food holidays – Yahoo!

5. 7 things you didn’t know about working in the beauty industry (but I still want to!) – Byrdie

6. Where to travel according to your birthday..apparently I should be booking a trip to South America soon! – Refinery29

7. I tried this gloss in my recent Ipsy bag and it made me fall in love with lipgloss again. – Tarte

8. Ordered this dress because it was soooo cute…but it didn’t look good on me. It made me realize that my spandex dress days are OVER. – Naked Wardrobe

9. Habits of highly confident people – Allure

10. Fashion sketches with embroidered accents – Colossal


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