Weekend Reading


I’ve seen some really good links the past couple of weeks and since I haven’t published a “Weekend Reading” post in a while I decided to share some things I found around the web. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend planned!

1. 10 things that women with great hear always do! – Refinery 29

2. How this blogger became a millionare (I love her Instagram, BTW!) – Teen Vogue

3. A true life bearded lady and how she has embraced it. – Women’s Health

4. Cut your morning beauty routine in half (God I need that!) – Byrdie

5. What your breakout location means – Get the Gloss

6. The struggles of girls that talk too much – Your Tango

7. A new beauty box for women of color! Love! – Essence Beauty Box

8. What the ideal woman looks like in 18 countries – Huffington Post

9. I’ve heard so much about this brand, but had no idea it was so economical! – Colour Pop

10. Diamond Paintings! – Honestly WTF


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