Her Imports


So the time has finally come. Remember when I wrote a post coveting long hair and how it was my new obsession? Well I finally bit the bullet and sewed in long extensions. I’m still getting used to them, but I’m loving the look!

When I started using extensions, I would head over to my local beauty supply store and trust the clerk to show me the best hair they had for me. After a few weeks I would always notice the hair tangling and it would eventually become a matted mess that I would have to brush hourly to ensure it wouldn’t tangle. I never knew why! I realized that even though that hair says it’s 100% human and natural there are so many chemicals in it, the hair starts to look like plastic Barbie hair after a while. ew!

I finally invested in higher quality hair and I must say, I haven’t looked back. I heard about Her Imports through social media and a few friends. The hair had been endorsed by a number of celebrities and I was lucky enough to have a free standing store close to me. The hair was a tad pricier than what I usually spend, but I was assured that it would be worth it. IT WAS.

The first couple of bundles of hair I got lasted an entire year before I had to replace them. The hair never tangled and when shampooed and conditioned, regained it’s natural sheen and look. Although they sell a particular shampoo and conditioner that compliments the hair well, I’ve been using Silicon Mix and it works perfectly. I shampoo my hair along with the extension hair once a week and try to only use heat on it when it’s clean.

If you are considering extensions, I recommend them!

What do you all think of the long hair?




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