July Book Review

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It’s a new week, and I feel all types of refreshed. This past weekend was like pressing the reset button. On Saturday, I got to speak to one of my favorite cousins who when drunk becomes the best philosopher that ever lived : ) Hear me out, this man NEVER complains about life. In fact, all he does is talk about how much he appreciates the little things.

Over a cold one, he was telling me that as he ages (He is in his 60s) he realizes now more than ever that he should be thankful for everything he has whether it be a sunny day or a good laugh. He also says that for too long he took his life for granted. He was so worried about money and success, he never got the chance to enjoy his youth. So he does it now. Maybe a bit too much at times.

Anywho, a little of that rubbed off on me and I’m feeling amazing today.


I wanted to talk about the book I read in July. My goal with reading more was to start a book club, but not many people were on board. So, I’m making all of you honorary members of my book club.

The book for July was Killing Monica by Candace Bushnell. I chose that book because I was lucky enough to attend a signing and see the creator of Carrie Bradshaw in person. I didn’t buy the book that day, but I did see it for half the price in Target the following week and scooped it right up. I’d say overall I wasn’t a fan of the book but it was nice to see what may be the true relationship between Bushnell and Bradshaw.

The main character, PJ Wallis is an accomplished author and creator of the “Monica” series which follows a single and fabulous woman with whom the entire world is obsessed. (sound familiar?) PJ wants desperately to show her range and create works outside of Monica, but her agent warns her against it and sadly, she depends on the income Monica brings in to help with the alimony she owes her greasy ex-husband.

PJ befriends the actress that plays Monica and gets swept into a world of carefree parties, hot models and casual drug use only to be betrayed by her and others around her.

I couldn’t relate to any of the characters at all and at times I was asking myself if I truly understood what was happening in the book. This is my first time reading anything by Bushnell, but as a true Sex and the City Fan, I can somehow appreciate showing us what this maybe like from an authors perspective. Being so famous for one character, that it outshines any and everything else you do.

Has anyone else read this book? What do you think? Any suggestions for my August read?



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