Monday Links


I’m a bad blogger. I realized I left you all hanging last week with no links to check out this past weekend. For the most part, I write my posts the day they go live. I don’t do much planning in advance (sadly) and Friday turned out to be a busier day than I expected. I wasn’t able to publish anything and I slacked over the weekend.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t surf the net and find cool things! Take a look at some things that caught my eye and read some links during your lunch break today.

1. Instagrams Cutest Dog –

2. 13 Books from 2015 that you should read ASAP (Killing Monica isn’t on it : ) – HuffingtonPost

3. What’s coming to Netflix in August – Refinery29

4. The best light bulbs to put in your bathroom for makeup application – Byrdie

5. 50 Things to do in the US before you die – All Women Stalk

6. Loose Powder = Thicker Lashes? Must try! – The Beauty Department

7. New site I found to purchase product – Cult Beauty

8. Beauty Advice from Grandma – Into the Gloss

9. Total blogspiration! I love this girl! – Vivianna Does Makeup

10. Loving this site, and wish this was my closet – NakedWardrobe



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