Toss it!


Yesterday, I broke a serious makeup commandment. I used an old mascara that I hadn’t touched in months. I found this mascara in my trunk and wondered if it was still any good and gave myself a couple of swipes to check.  The mascara was clunky, sticky and old so I just threw the entire thing away. Later in the day, I noticed one of my eyelids burning like someone scratched it with a knife. I started rubbing it and asking my co-worker if she noticed any swelling. She didn’t but I knew something was wrong.

When I got home, I instantly wiped all makeup from my face and yes, my right eyelid was swollen and red. After squeezing in a couple of eyedrops designated for allergies, I began retracing my steps as to why my eye was irritated. The only thing I could think of was that mascara. I can’t even remember when I purchased it, and because the condition was horrible, I’m going to guess it was chock full of bacteria.

I’m not wearing any eye makeup for the rest of the week to allow healing time (The swelling has not gotten any worse) but this experience inspired a post about when to toss your makeup. I would even suggest putting alerts in your cell phone, or creating tiny labels with expiration dates to put on products.

Powdered Blush – Toss after 2 years

Powdered Eyeshadow – Toss after 2 years

Liquid and Pencil Eyeliner – Toss after 1 year and keep caps tightly closed!

Liquid Foundation – Toss after 2 years and store in a cool, dry place

Powdered Foundation – Toss after 2 years

Concealer – Toss after 2 years

Moisturizer – Toss after 2 years

Lipstick – Toss after 1 year and it doesn’t hurt to dip in alcohol every now and then and dry it with a paper towel (we used to do this at the MAC counter to sterilize)

LipLiner – Toss after 1 year

Brow Pencil – Toss after 1 year

Mascara – Toss after 6 months.

Cleanser – Toss after 1 year (I’ve never had one for that long anyway.)

Sponges – Toss after 6 months. Sponges are mansions for bacteria! You should also wash after every use. This includes beauty blenders.

Mascara – Toss after 6 months.

Brushes – They will last a lifetime if washed a least once a week.

Be safe and beat out there! Also…I gave in and got acrylic nails..what do you think?





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