Framing Beauty


I don’t know if I’ve admitted this on my blog or not, but I have awful vision. I can function without glasses, but not very well. If I have to drive at night, forget about it. I fought the idea of seeing an eye doctor for glasses or contacts until last year. I had the same pair of pathetic cheapo frames for 6 years that were terribly mangled and not even fashion forward.

Although, I’ve survived the toughest pokes of mascara wands to the eye, the thought of contact terrifies me. So when I need to see clearly, I put on these Coach frames that I fell in love with at the eye doctor. Sadly, as time passes I’m having to get comfortable with wearing them more and more and figure out how to compliment them with makeup.

The key to mastering makeup and glasses is to go for a polished look. Think editor at a magazine in New York, Paris or another major city. Or, switch it up and have some fun with them for a cool trendy vibe. However you rock them here are some quick tips to live by.

1. Powder your nose: If you have oily or combination skin in the T-zone, it’s easy for oil to build up around the bridge of your nose and get trapped under your glasses. The nose can become blackhead central fairly quickly, so be sure to add a finishing powder and keep blotting papers on hand.

2. Top line the eyes: Contrary to popular belief, it’s ok to accentuate the eyes when wearing eyeglasses. Use a black liquid liner to draw a thin line close to the lashes to open the eyes and add a touch of romance.

3. Pile on Mascara: Continue to make your eyes pop by creating dramatic lashes. I personally don’t like to wear false lashes with my glasses because they brush up against the glass, but I do apply several coats of black mascara to define and separate.

4. Define the Brow: Your eyebrows should always be on a certain level of “fleek” but in this case, be sure to fill in brows with a fine tipped pencil or brow powder. You want them to look natural and full. Now is  not the time for square edges!

Finish with a natural or pop lip!


All of these images, gave me frame life!



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