Remember when I wrote about my love for cruising the beauty isles at Marshalls and TJ Maxx? If not, here’s a friendly reminder. It’s one of my favorite places to score beauty deals and last week I was in much need of an at home spa treatment. I was happy to see these hydrating gloves that seal in moisture and anti-age (?) the hands. This was my first time trying any glove treatment and my overall experiences was…..meh.

When I put the gloves on, I was instantly reminded I couldn’t surf my phone to kill time..ugh. The gloves were a tad big and they tended to slide off my hands. I had to tug every so often in order to keep them on. After about 30 minutes, I removed the gloves and I’ll have to admit, my hands did feel hella soft. I wrung them together to rub in excess product and loved how soft my hands were! But after about an hour, my hands felt normal again, and I totally forgot the experience.

I would suggest these gloves to those that work with their hands a lot and want to take preventative measures, but otherwise just take an awesome moisturizer or body cream and apply daily.




I would however be all over these, if they were booties for feet. Has anyone seen anything like that out there?


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