Getting to Know Me


In true beauty blog fashion, the time has come to complete a “Getting to know me” post which I have a guilty pleasure for  reading. I’ll admit, I’m not as witty as I’d like to be when it comes to answering these types of questions but hopefully this will be a nice escape from my usual posts! I hope you all are off to a great week.

1. Do you have a middle name?
I do! It’s Denise..and very 80’s.

2. What was your favorite subject in school?

3. What’s your favorite drink?
Before noon, coffee. After noon, a margarita.

4. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
At the moment, it’s honestly “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift. Don’t judge me.

5. What would you name your children?
Oh, I don’t want to say because they’re awesome names!!

6. Do you participate in any sports?
I do play for my office’s softball team and because I’m not in the best shape, my forearms are sore the day after.

7. What’s your favorite book?
Hmmm that’s a toughy since I’ve just begun to read more. I’d have to say “The Coldest Winter Ever.” It’s a coming of age story written from an extremely urban perspective, but it may have been one of the first books I was engulfed in, and shouldn’t have been reading at my age!

8. What’s your favorite color?
To wear, black. To stare at, hot pink.

9. What’s your favorite animal?
Zebra..the print makes my heart smile.

10. What’s your favorite perfume?

11. What’s your favorite holiday?
Halloween. I can’t resist a costume!

12. Have you graduated from High School?
A billion years ago. I’m a proud member of the class of 2003.

13. Have you been out of the country?
Of course and looking to travel more! Europe is next on my list.

14. Do you speak any other languages?
No, but I’m currently studying French via duolingo.

15. Do you have any siblings?
Yes, I have a younger brother and two younger half sisters.

16. What’s your favorite store?
So hard to choose one! I’d probably go with Sephora.

17. What’s your favorite restaurant?
Honestly, Red Lobster. My mom took me there a lot as a kid so I have great memories.
18. Do you like school?
Not particularly, but I do enjoy self-teaching via Wikipedia.

19. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?
I love the Ipsy crew! Lustrelux, Chrrispy and Summer Kelsey is nice as well.

20. What’s your favorite movie?
So hard to choose one, but The Wizard of Oz is my favorite all time classic.

21. What are some of your favorite TV shows?
Martin, Barefoot Contessa, Wild N’ Out, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Sex and the City

22. PC or Mac?
PC for work, MAC for pleasure.

23. What phone do you have?
iPhone 6

24. How tall are you?

25. Any pets?
I have a black lab mix named Ace.


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