Acrylic Dreams


Last week, in my “Weekend Reading” post I shared an article from a woman who tried what she called “Kylie Jenner Nails.” Well, I know that Kylie didn’t start the acrylic nail trend, but re-invented it. Acrylic nails have been around for as long as I can remember and back when they had their popular first run, I remember having a love/hate relationship with them.

For one, it was nice to see my hands appear more glamorous and lady-like. I went from short, stubby nails to long pink talons. Even my accessories looked better! But then, reality struck when I had the nails removed. My natural nails were as thin as a sheet of paper and horribly damaged. It looked like someone ran my fingers through a shredder! I had to completely grow out the flaky grooves that covered my nail bed.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed painting my natural nails, but I’ve come to realize that my natural nails won’t grow as long and strong as the acrylic nails were.

Now that they are back in style and looking quite fab, I’m pondering getting them again. What do you think? What have your experiences been?


4 Replies to “Acrylic Dreams”

  1. I keep a gel overly on top of my natural nails, it’s about the same level damage as shellac and I have it removed every once in awhile. Naturally my nails are terribly brittle and I pick at the edges of my cuticles until they bleed. This stops that from happening. It’s still not good for my nails but it’s a somewhat solution!


  2. I want to do the “Kylie Jenner” nails or “stiletto” nails as I’ve heard them called, so bad…but my nails are still recovering from acrylic and this last go round has been tough. It’s been about 7 months since I removed the acrylic nails and my natural nails still aren’t 100% yet. As much as I want to try that style of nails, I don’t think I will. They’re so beautiful though, makes me kinda sad lol!


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