Weekend Reading


A holiday weekend is among us! If you are anything like me, you got three days off which in my opinion is like ketchup on fries. They are great on their own, but ketchup takes them to another level. I hope you all (in the US) in joy your Fourth of July (I can’t wait to see some cool red, white and blue makeup and nail looks!) and everyone else takes some time to do something fun!

1. Have you all heard of this group before? My brother in law introduced me to them, and I love it! –

2. My SPF article with my favorite products  – Stylin N Profilin

3. Best Beauty Instagrams of the Week – Yahoo! Beauty

4. Outrageous Beauty from the Menswear Runway – Style.com

5. The Secret to Happiness is NEVER Getting Married – Women’s Health

6. Abandoned Sofas in L.A. – abcnews

7. Throwback Hair Tools that were AWFUL for hair – Allure

8. What happens if you jump on the Kylie Jenner Acrylic Nail Bandwagon – Allure

9. How to BBQ this weekend without a grill – Refinery 29

10. How to Forgive and Feel Great About It – Your Tango



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