Platinum Squad


This is one of those times when I have to accept that I can not try every trend I want to. I love platinum hair and I have since high school. During my senior year, I begged my mom to let me get highlights since she was very much against permanent hair color. I’d done well in school and was heading to college the next fall and finally got her approval.

When my stylist asked me what color I wanted, I didn’t hesitate to ask for platinum blonde highlights. She explained that she would have to do a “double process” meaning she would color my entire head first and then go back to place the highlights. It was a grueling 6 hour process, but I LOVED the results.

When I went off to college and was unable to afford pricey color treatments (my mom treated me the first time) I resorted to drugstore boxed bleaching kits. After 3 years of acting as my own colorist, my hair was dry, broken and brittle. I also had to settle for a brassy orangey blonde since I wasn’t able to achieve the platinum color at home.

Since then, I haven’t colored my hair and it’s gotten a lot stronger and longer, but I can’t deny the fact that I wish I could go back to my days as a blonde and maybe even dye my entire head!

Just for S&G, here’s a photo of me in my box bleaching days..




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