T-Shirt Glam


This isn’t a fashion blog by any means, but I must confess to all the t-shirt wearing I have been doing lately. I haven’t been feeling the best about my wardrobe (nothing is inspiring me) and I’ve found comfort in stretchy tees.

So far, I’ve purchased three jersey knit tees from Target and I’m finding multiple ways to style them. This past Saturday after trying on two outfits for a birthday night out with my cousin, I settled on wearing a tee. I thought to myself, why are you wearing a tee and how can you make it look special enough for a night out?

To jazz it up, I relied heavily on my makeup. I wanted to do something romantic, but also casual. I broke out my ride or die Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette for warm brown shades on my lid along with a fierce liquid liner (that I wasn’t able to perfect) and I finished the look with a NYX Liquid Lipstick in San Paulo.

I’ve also been wearing these Ardell lashes over and over again! How many times do you all re-use your lashes? This is about my 6th time wearing them and I’m still loving it!


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