Makeup Genius


So on a good night, I’m usually drifting off to sleep at about 10:30p or 11:00p. There are those nights however, when I just can’t get to sleep and on those nights, I start cruising the app store. A few nights ago, I cam across an app called Makeup Genius by L’Oreal. Has anyone else tried this? It takes looks off the runway and recreates them for you using L’Oreal products.

This app is freaky. I’m still determining if it’s freaky good, or just plain old freaky. The experience starts by the App asking to “scan” your face and like all other programs like this, I expected a face scan and the ability to apply makeup to my own face. This app does it for you! Select mascara, and there are long butterfly lashes on your eyes that blink when you do. This app shows you makeup looks in real time!

At first glance, I was stunned. Totally stunned. I’ve had some fun with it since then and encourage you all to try it! It’s free in the app store and you’re able to try tons of looks (some more scary than others) don’t you love my digital lashes? Now if only Instagram could add lashes as an edit option.. hmmm…



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