Every time I mention my hair in these posts, I’m always talking about the weather. Guys, I’m serious…it’s raining every two days in DC lately and it’s super humid! This past weekend, I decided to use the one day of full sunshine to have my first pool day. After my hair got wet, I knew my hair would coil and I wanted to work with it this time. On Sunday, I shampooed my hair and conditioned it with a plastic cap. Afterwards, instead of blow drying and flat ironing it, I blew it dry and braided it.

After about 30 minutes, I took the braids out, and fluffed out my hair. I actually really liked it! I was able to rock the big hair with confidence, let my hair breathe and rock the cute orange headband that I got in my June Birchbox. What do you guys think?


10 Replies to “Natural”

  1. I also got the head band in my birchbox but it reminded me of underwear. now, to work no but to hang out and keep hair off your face , why not? You look cute. Now I like ikat print top


  2. I love it! I actually love the texture of hair that lets it go crazy. I knew two red heads in high school and their hair was just… Insane. Going everywhere all the time and it was awesome!


  3. Love it!!! I’m in northern Virginia about 30 minutes from DC and the weather lately has been working against my hair so I’ve just been doing twist outs and deep conditioning regularly. Your hair looks great 🙂


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