My Favorite Nail Brand


Nail polish is one of those things that makes me happy that I was born a woman (although men enjoy the perk too!) I truly love every part of painting my nails. Even the long drying times. Whenever I’m in the drugstore or a beauty supply store, I’m tempted by the rows and rows of nail shades. I have so many nail colors, I’m not sure anymore if I’m buying colors I already own.  Yesterday, I purchased a new shade and decided to go through my collection and see what I have. I decided to start with my favorite polish..Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.

I’m so in love with this line. I’d take any of these polishes over a high end brand if I had to choose. I love the brush, the way it applies, the bottle design (doesn’t really matter, but it’s pretty!) and I love the colors as well. I’ve just begun using the Miracle Gel line and although it doesn’t last for 14 days, the colors are nice and they give me another reason to appreciate the brand. After taking inventory, I counted 20 shades (not including my miracle gel topcoat) and at about $8 a pop, you are looking at $160 worth of nail polish here.

When taking this photo I realized that part of the appeal is looking at the colors side by side, when I did this I was inspired by the third row all over again!



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