Freckle Face


It’s human nature to always want what you can’t have. It’s also human nature to naturally see beauty in others before you see beauty in yourself at times. As I get closer to 30, I notice that my self confidence is getting stronger and stronger, but I can’t help but go back to my adolescent days when I envied qualities I loved in others. One of those was freckles.

I think that freckles are one of the most interesting and beautiful features a person can have. First off, I think they just scream adorable. Every doll I had growing up had the little three freckles on the cheeks to add charm. I also find them incredible exotic. I also love how great they look on all skin tones and all ethnicities!

I scoured the internet for some of the most beautiful images I could find and this inspired me to make my dream a reality and try a freckled look using makeup. Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain that day!




3 Replies to “Freckle Face”

  1. Freckles are super cute! I’m hitting my last year in my 20s soon and I’m also noticing my self confidence is getting stronger by the day as well which is a relief! I swear being in your 20s is a whole other stage of puberty lol


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