Anastasia “Artist” Look


I’m in love. Last weekend I was 1/2 of the entertaining committee for my cousin that came to visit from New Orleans. My cousin wanted to see how the nightlife is here which gave me the opportunity to go bold with my makeup. I showed you all my Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette last week, and decided to take her for a spin. Although the palette has 12 amazing colors, I was drawn to the purple shades, and tried those first. I’m always nervous how bright colors will show on my deep skin. Shadows have to be highly pigmented to avoid me having to layer on tons of product. I must say, these shadows lived up to the hype. Overall, they were easy to apply, easy to blend and really showed well on my lids.

I started by using the shade “dusty rose” which is a muted pink color slightly above my crease for transition. I placed a transition color there just to break up the bold lid color with my brow bone (which I don’t usually highlight.) I then used “Aubergine” which is a deep plum shade with slight gold flecks in my crease to create dimension. Whenever I use color in my crease, I use very light strokes to ensure I don’t build up too much product. I then used the color “Punch Fuchsia” on my lids which is a vibrant purple to contrast my brown eyes. I added the bright yellow “Phresh” in my tear duct, but it didn’t show so well in the photos! I finished the eye with liquid liner, two coats of mascara and Ardell 110 lashes. And although I’m in a tee shirt here, I did change into a LBD to let my eyes do all the talking.



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