Weekend Target Haul


I’m convinced that going to Target without purchasing a beauty product is not possible for me. Target has really stepped their presentation game up! The beauty isle has the best selfie lighting I’ve ever seen, and the products are well displayed and massive. I went in this weekend to purchase a couple of stretch knit tee shirts (that I have been living in lately) and added some new beauty items to my trunk.

1. Up & Up Hand Sanitizer Gel with Aloe: I swear I’m collecting hand sanitizer now. Since my last cold, I’m not playing ANY games. I’ve got a couple of bottles now, but figured this one would be great for summer since it has cooling aloe in it. It’s been hot around here!

2. Garnier The Soothing Removing Cleansing Towelettes for Sensitive Skin: I took a leap here. I have been using the Clean and Clear face wipes for so long and I hadn’t considered trying something new. Because I have been so impressed with my Garnier face scrub, I wanted to try other items from their skincare line. I’ve been using these for a couple of days and they aren’t as great as my Clean and Clear wipes. Although they do a great job at removing my foundation and eyeshadow, they don’t remove my mascara as well and I find myself having residue on my eyes the next morning. I think I’ll transition these to my gym bag for an after workout face wipe when I’m not wearing any makeup.

3. Essie Nail Color in Melody Maker: A beautiful teal shade that I painted on THAT DAY!

4. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Pinky Promise: Pale pink shade that I’m wearing now, and will reapply tonight. I just love baby pink nails! While on fair skin it looks soft and delicate, against my dark skin it has an edgy pop!

5. Cover Girl Lash Blast Super Sizer Mascara: I have to admit, I didn’t purchase this mascara but I am reviewing it for another blog I guest write for. You’ll have to visit that page for the review, but I can say that it has a unique wand that grabs EVERY LASH.

6. Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm: A few years ago, I was all over this brand. Carol’s Daughter was not available in Target and it was geared to help African American women manage their natural hair texture (without blow dryers or flat irons.) Since I usually wear extensions, I had no use for a lot of the products, but I’m letting my hair breathe now and this balm is a fabulous moisturizer. Once warmed in the hands, it spreads like an oil and helps to minimize shedding and add amazing shine.



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