Weekend Reading


Another Friday, another successful week. I’m coming off of my summer cold and I’m ready to enjoy the weekend. Since my weather app is iffy on whether or not it will rain, I’ll either be out and about or binging on Orange is the New Black. Either way I hope you enjoy your weekend as well and take the time to take a look at some interesting articles from around the web.

1. A dress I’ve seen all over Instagram that looks cozy and sexy! – Naked Wardrobe

2. Women with the flyest afros online – Huffington Post

3. 8 summer nail looks inspired by your zodiac sign – Cosmopolitan

4. These fun sunglasses I purchased yesterday – Forever21

5. How women in prison use sharpies and jolly ranchers to make makeup – Yahoo! Beauty

6. 15 trips to take before you turn 30 – Refinery 29

7. Summer hair ideas – Byrdie

8. More reasons why you should always have coconut oil on hand – Health

9. What your birthday says about your health – Marie Claire

10. Takes me back to my childhood – Urban Outfitters



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