Dream Collection: Ariana Grande


I don’t know about you, but celebrity beauty collaborations always grab my attention. Sometimes it’s because I actually admire the “signature” look of the celeb and other times I just think the campaign looks great. It got me thinking about what collections I would release and what celebrities I would pair up with to inspire a line of products/colors.

One person that instantly came to mind was Ariana Grande. Ariana has really nailed down her signature look and she is working it.  If I had my own brand, I would totally be inspired to release products based around her sexy/girly appeal.

The collection would host warm and edgy colors like, deep gold bronzers, coal black pencils, pinky-brown lipsticks and blackest black mascaras. Since I don’t have a line, here are products that will deliver the look.

image (1)


1. NARS Body Glow: The best way to achieve that bronzed goddess look! I simply love this stuff. I purchased one bottle several years ago, and tried to make it last forever. Just apply a quarter sized amount to arms and legs. Since the product is oil based I wouldn’t recommend using it on the face but if you have dryer skin that doesn’t tend to shine throughout the day, go for it! Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying, it will stain! Don’t worry, the glow is well worth it. $59.00

2. Chella Dazzling Dark Brown Eyebrow Color Pencil: If you weren’t blessed with beautiful full brows like Ariana, fake it! I received one of these pencils in a past ipsy bag and they are really easy to use. The thin tip makes it super easy to make small hair-like strokes for perfect, symmetrical brows. $18.00

3. Kiss True Volume Lashes: No cat eye is complete without full lashes. I love Kiss lashes because they are super affordable and I don’t often use lashes more than three times. These are great worn as a full strip, but can also be cut in half and placed on the outer eye, for a “doe eyed” look. $3.99

4. It Cosmetics “No Tug” Waterproof Gel Liner: Sometimes, I am perfectly fine with a fierce top liner alone, and other times I want my waterline dark as well. It’s super sultry, and excellent for a night out. This gel liner reduces smudging and if you are a chronic blinker, one swipe transfers a lot of color. $22.00

5. MAC Fluidline Gel Liner: Confession! I have never used this product, but I have heard nonstop raves about it, so I would include a liner that required a brush for the most precise cat eye possible. Use a tiny angled brush with this and short strokes from the inner corner to the tip of the wing. Make the liner as thick as you please and let your eyes take center stage. $16.00

6. Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Camel: A universal brown shade that compliments heavy liner very well. Use on the lid and blend into the crease, or just buff it in the crease alone leaving the lid nude. This could also be used as a contour powder depending on your skin tone! $24.00

7. Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Matte Beauty: The perfect Matte lipstick for those that have naturally dry lips. It’s matte with out all of the drying. It also stays on your lips for hours! $16.00

Now slick your hair up in a half up/half down pony and sell it!


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