New Palette


I’ve mentioned in a few posts that I don’t have many palettes in my collection right now. There was a time when I had millions of single eyeshadows in my makeup case and since I am not the most organized person, it became a hassle to fish through them when wanting to create a look. I’ve been experimenting with different palettes and right now I have three that I use most often. I reference the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette a lot, which has been my go to and I recently snagged another. I saw a YouTube tutorial for this Anastasia Artist Palette from one of my favorite beauty bloggers Chrisspy. She showed how to take the purple shades and create a dramatic, but edgy eye. Once I saw the tutorial, I had to try it out. This is my first time trying an Anastasia Beverly Hills product and I’m totally excited! I’ve heard that the eyeshadows are more pigmented than MAC shadows. The colors are fun, and I can see myself creating tons of looks with this. Have you all tried this palette? What colors inspire you? That “Phresh” shade is calling my name!

FullSizeRender (1)



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