Weekend Reading


Whyyy?? It’s my favorite day of the week and I’ve developed the early stages of a cold. Ugh! I hardly ever get sick so when I do I’m a baby about it. Thank god for Lemon Zinger tea. I’m chugging it all day in the hopes that I can enjoy some time this weekend without tissues and sneezes. In any event, I wish you all a weekend of good times and hope you enjoy these links!

1. 5 Hacks to make your drugstore makeup look expensive – Byrdie.com

2. Barbie can wear flats for the first time ever – InStyle.com

3. How to eat like Beyoncé – The Chalkboard

4. New influencers on the beauty scene that you should know – Self.com

5. 5 Ways to shine at your new job – Refinery29

6. How long you should wait to hit the gym after beauty service – Women’s Health

7. The best makeup for acne-prone skin – Into the Gloss

8. Head gear to top off your look (hello humidity!) – Essence.com

9. The 30 worst decisions you can make in a hotel – Yahoo Travel

10. The secret world of red carpet fluffers – Marie Claire



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